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62019 Recanati, Province of Macerata, Italy

Acrilux primary goal has always been to offer a top quality product, manufactured by using the most advanced technologies. In the late seventies Acrilux introduced an important technological innovation, the moulding of hollow forms by injection / blow moulding. Acrilux production is ...

  • exterior lighting
  • overhead lights
  • street lighting systems
  • light fixtures
  • indoor and outdoor lighting
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Via Ca' Zenobio 31/33

Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai in Treviso offers Artistic windows services, Glass fusion, Sand blasting, Gold leaf, Resins, Museum and Interior Furnishings, Griffes and it is open for Artistic Collaboration.

  • glassware, decorative
  • glass doors
  • tubing
  • sand decorations
  • gold leaf
  • display cases for stores
  • glass furnishings
  • glass sandblasting
  • glass melting
  • glass mosaics
  • door glass
  • glass etching
  • glass melting to drawing
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Via Genova, 82, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

We build machinery for the production of glass sheets and containers.Our experience and specialisation enable the Bottero group to efficiently satisfy the specific requirements of the glass industry and machining.

  • machines for glass cutting
  • machines for drilling glass
  • machines for glass bevelling
  • machines for glass polishing
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Via S. Gervasio, 4A, 61037 Mondolfo PU, Italy

CRIFI srl Crushing Plant has been present on international markets for over 30 years market designing, manufacturing and marketing crushing, sorting, storage and washing equipment, with a characteristic blue colour, for the mining and extraction sector.

  • crushing and grinding machinery
  • plant for crushing inert stone
  • crushing and pulverising plant and equipment
  • plant for milling insert stone
  • plant and machinery for inert stone working
  • boilers, industrial
  • mining
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Via Collamarini, 27, 40138 Bologna, Italy

Over 80 years of history and ability, committed to the journey for quality and constant recharging, the product of much research and experimentation. Top quality items: cleaning arrangements, pre-treated wipes, pigmented answers for restore the timeworn unique shade of ...

  • insecticides
  • cleaning and maintenance products, household
  • leather and shoes - supplies and accessories
  • shoe polish
  • calzanetto
  • creams for shoes
  • insoles for shoes
  • insoles
  • sole factories
  • leather insoles
  • soil and environment insecticides
  • grease for leather and hides
  • polishes for leather goods
  • pesticide
  • household cleaning articles
  • environmental deodorants
  • rat poison
  • polishes
  • shoe laces
  • articles for footwear
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Via Monte Rosa, 9, 36072 Chiampo VI, Italy

The company provides forklift trucks, ancillary technology and special machines for storage and handling of goods. It produces a large range of standard, diesel and electronic forklift trucks with capacities from 1 to 50 t. The company has equipment, pallet trucks and ...

  • lifting equipment - accessories
  • handling of goods - motorized vehicles
  • forklift trucks
  • container handling
  • door-glass inloader semi-trailers
  • self-propelled trucks
  • glass handling
  • loading platforms for lift trucks and carriers
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Via Torino Pianezza, 20, Collegno, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

The Company SAIT ABRASIVI SPA from Italy is one of the largest abrasive manufacturers,in the world, of both bonded and coated abrasives for companies in Western Europe, North America and the United States. The company can be ...

  • abrasives, mechanical
  • abrasives for bodywork shops
  • disks for bodywork shops
  • abrasives for metal
  • grinding wheel
  • abrasives for wood
  • flexible abrasives
  • abrasives for marble
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Via Regiosi 12 16015 Casella (GE) - Italy

SEAGUARD ITALANODI SRL was incorporated in Italy in 1972, the sister organization of Seaguard LTD. (London, 1956), with its main purpose to guarantee the arrangement of the most important mechanical quality on the Mediterranean business sector. In it's history of ...

  • steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • stamping - steels and metals
  • steels and metals - welding and brazing
  • lacquering - steels and metals
  • forming - steels and metals
  • bronzing - steel and metals
  • milling - steels and metals
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Via Piave, 11, 54033 Carrara MS, Italy

Baicchi Abrasivi works in the production of diamond-tipped, abrasive tools and other equipment for working marble, stone and granite, with excellent quality, machining and cost-efficiency results. The company has a mechanical workshop for supplying all kinds of tools and equipment. It ...

  • diamond tools
  • diamond-coated tools for working marble, granite and stone
  • cutting tools
  • diamond discs for granite
  • abrasive grindstones for marble
  • abrasive grindstones for granite
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Via del Mella, 51, 25131 Brescia BS, Italy

B.R.T. Impianti, with decades of experience in the quarrying field, designs and manufactures equipment and machinery for grinding, selecting and cleaning aggregates, in both mobile and stationary models depending on specific needs. It has exclusive partnerships in Italy with Rohr Bagger ...

  • mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment
  • crushing and grinding machinery
  • plant for crushing inert stone
  • sharpening stones
  • grading plants for quarry aggregates
  • plant and machinery for inert stone working
  • grinders for extract products
  • washing plants for quarry aggregates
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